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Bridal hair and a conversation with Cindy Beddard

Sleek up-do, boho plait, Hollywood waves, relaxed buns... the possibilities when it comes to wedding hair are endless. But where do you start? I'm talking about all things wedding hair today, and I have also spoken to Cindy Beddard, a Devon based hair stylist, to ask her some questions about wedding hair.

Wedding hair is so much fun. Who doesn't love to have their hair played with? How often do you get time dedicated to making your hair look beautiful? It is a really special part of the wedding process and it is no secret that your hair can be your best accessory. So where do you start with wedding hair?

First off, I would look through Instagram and Pinterest to get some inspiration, but make sure that the styles fit into the theme of your wedding. For example a lux wedding in a modern hotel might not suit a loose and flowy boho look, while a sleek bun might look out of place in a barn or on a farm.

Once you have found some inspiration that fits your theme, get saving those ideas! Narrow it down to a few styles that you really love. A top tip when it comes to finding your favourite style: be aware that some of the styles that you see online have been achieved with a large amount of extensions or even Photoshop, so make sure you set your expectations and pick a style that is actually achievable with your hair type and be aware that some styles may not be possible. Hair stylists are extremely talented but not miracle workers!

Instagram is the perfect place to find your bridal hair artist - search through hashtags such as #bridalhairdevon or #devonweddinghair and see if any of these artists fit the vibe that you are going for. But don't try and force something that isn't! What I mean by this is, if you are looking for beach waves and tousled plaits, search for a hair stylist that specialises in relaxed boho hair, not someone who features predominantly sleek Hollywood waves on their Instagram feed.

I spoke to Cindy Beddard, a Devon based hair stylist who specialises in creating beautiful, effortless bridal hair:

Cards on the table, what are your predictions for wedding hair trends over the next couple of years?

Effortless looks are the way forward this year! Undone braids, low buns, airy face framing and romantic waves. Veils are also going to be seen a lot more.

Do you like to have an idea to work with or prefer to be left to experiment?

Definitely an idea to work with, it helps to see what look the bride to be is envisioning.

How does a hair trial with you work?

I like to hold trials around 3/4 months before the big day as this gives the best indication of how the hair will look on the day. I make a calm, relaxing environment to chat about hair visions and wedding plans. I then get to work, usually trialing an updo and a down/half updo. Of course the bride will usually have a glass of fizz in hand too!

How can a bride prep for a hair trial?

So I’m pretty clear with my brides of how to prep. Wash the hair the night before or on the day, a smooth blowdry without irons is best. Save some inspiration photos with the similar hair colour, wear a light coloured top with similar next line to the dress and definitely wear make up if planning to on the wedding day.

What is your all time favourite style to create?

I honestly love all boho & romantic hair but I’d have to say the relaxed low bun. It’s kind of my thing!

Do you have any wedding morning tips when it comes to hair?

Have hair dry and ready to go, other than that relax and let the professionals do the hard work!

What is your go to hair product at the moment?

I absolutely love Redken wax blast spray, it’s the best for updos and waves.

What is your favourite thing about weddings?

Seeing the brides reaction when they see the final look is just so special.

Photo credit: first image models are @thelawrences captured by @amychapplephotography styled by Cindy, all other photos of Cindy's work are taken by herself.
So hopefully, you now have a little more of an idea when it comes to wedding hair. It really is one of the most exciting parts of your wedding, so make sure that you have fun with it!

Be sure to follow Cindy on instagram @cindy_beddard_hair if you are searching for your wedding hair stylist!

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